Do you want to lose some weight this winter? If the answer is ‘yes’, then turn down your house radiator thermostat. You will not only save money and energy but will burn some extra calories too.

Recent research suggests that even just mild exposure to colder temperatures activates our brown fat stores. Brown fat differs from white fat in that it actually burns calories to produce heat, unlike white fat which is stored calories.

Brown fat burns calories in order to regulate and maintain body temperature. When exposed to cooler temperatures, brown fat starts to create heat, burning calories as it does so.

The less we are exposed to the cold, the less effective our brown fat becomes at burning energy and our stores of it will reduce. As society has begun to spend more time indoors and use heating more and more, obesity levels have rocketed; while there are many other variables to take in to account, this particular factor is an important one and one that is easy to do something about.

Brown fat is like an internal radiator for us. So to keep your inner heating system working, turn down your house radiators and drop a few pounds in to the bargain!