Personal Training Packages

I work in Harpenden, Hampstead, St Albans and surrounding areas. All personal training sessions are based in your home and all equipment is provided. This ensures that training can better fit in to your lifestyle enabling you to get the most out of your exercise sessions.

Below are the general outlines of specific training packages offered but each package can be altered to suit your very individual needs.

Fat Loss

After a nutrition analysis by means of detailed questionnaires, a programme will be set for you to enable you to work towards your fat loss goals. As your personal trainer, I will monitor your progress and ensure that you stay on track nutritionally and physically.

By using a combination of cardiovascular movement and weights we will work to raise your metabolic rate to ensure that your body burns more fat during and after your exercise session.

General Fitness

If your goal is to increase overall fitness, we will employ a variety of tactics to challenge the body in different ways. By stimulating new movement pathways, we will carefully increase your exercise workload until an improved level of fitness is acquired.

Weights, medicine balls, suspension training, cardio movements and bodyweight resistance exercises are all used to achieve this.

Post natal

As a mother myself, I am all too aware of the challenges that come with trying to regain body shape and strength after pregnancy and giving birth, after one of the most intense and body changing events that you will ever experience, finding the time and energy to get your body back to normal can seem incredibly daunting.

With the right help and guidance, however, it can be done. After a careful assessment of the positioning and strength of the abdominal muscles, an exercise programme can be embarked upon as soon as six weeks post birth.

Getting your nutrition right at this time is also crucial to your health and success. A progression from bodyweight exercises to weights and cardiovascular movement will allow your body to find its way back to your usual (and sometimes even better!) shape. Postural exercises and balance work are an integral part of this programme.


Many women find that as oestrogen levels begin to decline they struggle with abdominal weight gain. Hormonal changes along with a slow decrease in muscle mass can lead to an increase in body fat.

To help reverse this pattern, a fitness regime that incorporates weight bearing exercise and resistance work can help increase muscle mass again and raise the metabolic rate.

Nutrition Analysis and Monitoring

The importance of good nutrition in relation to any of the personal training packages available can not be underestimated. Optimal eating while exercising will help you achieve your goals very quickly.

A series of detailed questionnaires which you will fill in will allow me to analyse your current eating habits. The feedback that you will then receive will enable us to work together to improve your nutrition. Stress levels and sleep habits will also be looked at as these too play an important part in your body’s ability to process food efficiently.

Periodic food diaries will be used to help maintain long term success.

Weight Loss Consultancy


Trying to lose weight can feel like a daunting task and the aspect that most people struggle with is will power and staying on the wagon until their goal has been reached. The Weight Loss Consultancy programme is designed to help you to maintain will power and teach you ways of staying focussed. A once weekly, or twice weekly if you would prefer, weighing session using proper scales that measure body composition, rather than just ‘weight’, will help you stay on track and because Weight Loss Consultancy comes to your door there are no meetings to get to, no baby sitters to find and no extra hurdles to overcome. As well as monitoring what is going on on the scales, the weighing session also offers a chance to talk about your progress. After an initial consultation to assess current nutritional and lifestyle habits and goals, I will suggest some strategies to enable you to reach those goals. Different strategies work for different people which is why a personal approach often succeeds where a generic ‘one size fits all’ programme can fail. Weight Loss Consultancy can be embarked upon as a stand alone service or as an addition to personal training.