Even if there is only one week standing between you and your first beach appearance of the year. there are still a few things that will make a difference,,,

1) Ditch the caffeine. Ingesting caffeine raises your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can encourage your body to store fat.

2) Go grain free every other day. In other words, avoid starchy carbohydrates and fill your plate with protein, veg and fruit. For every one gram of carbohydrate that you consume, your body stores three grams of water so cutting the starch will help shift the bloat.

3) Tone those abs. Yes, even if you start exercising only a week before your holiday you can make a difference. It takes only 72 hours from muscle stimulus to muscle adaptation. Every evening complete the following: crunch x 25, reverse crunch x 25, and repeat 3 times, alternating exercises.

4) Increase water intake. Your body needs water to burn fat. Increasing water intake has also been linked to a reduction in abdominal bloating.

5) Exfoliate, Fat cell breakdown is assisted by increased circulation. Exercise will obviously increase circulation internally but exfoliating the skin with a good brush will help get things moving from the outside. Exfoliation will also smooth the skin, making it more accepting of suncream or tanning lotions.

6) Get some sleep. Quality sleep assists the fat burning process. If sleep is an unusual phenomenon due to, yawn, the little people in your life, then go to bed an hour earlier than usual for a couple of nights to help your body relax.

7) Enjoy your holiday! And if you over do the ice cream while you are there, ring me when you get home!

Happy holidays.