To all who are familiar with me and the diet plans that I dole out, it is obvious that generally I am fairly clean living and eat pretty well most of the time.

I went on holiday last week and was asked by many people, especially existing clients, if I relax on holiday, eat ice cream and have the odd glass of wine. The answer is ‘yes’! Given the nature of my job, however, it is important that I don’t turn up for work the week after my holiday looking as if I’ve gained a stone in weight. So, yes, I relax on the food front and I have an ice cream on the beach with my children because that is important; we are designed to enjoy food and it is important that our children are involved in that and see their parents having a balanced attitude towards food.

Given that Cornwall was our holiday location, sampling a cream tea was a necessity and for those of you familiar with the award winning Porthminster Beach Cafe it will be obvious why having a slap up meal there is imperative if you are in the area. Now you are probably wondering, given all these nutritional confessions,whether I have, in fact, gained a stone in weight. The answer is ‘no’. My weight is stable where it was pre holiday. How? Because I adopt the theory of ‘balance’.

Every other morning I went for a fast paced run, only 20 mins or so but enough to put myself in calorie deficit at the start of the day to, if you like, make room for any extra holiday treats. The slap up meal day was easy as it was a long lunch which probably amounted, calorifically, to two meals and so I skipped dinner; not hard as I was super full of chocolate brulee! And the cream tea? That was my dinner that day as although eaten at about 4pm, the scones were the size of small islands.

In summary, then, you can have your treats but you might have to give up a meal to make way for them and maintain some level of exercise to at least limit the damage! Alternatively, binge away, lie on a lounger, gain a stone and call me on your return!