• 26/06/2013

    Left the beach diet too late? Try these quick fixes…

    Even if there is only one week standing between you and your first beach appearance of the year. there are still a few things that will make a difference,,, 1) Ditch the caffeine. Ingesting caffeine raises your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can encourage your body to store fat. 2)...

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  • 58D4735F

    New Year, New You? Michael Mosley’s book The Fast Diet may be for you…

    If you have tried a new diet every January for the last decade then the chances are that the diets have failed, or, at least, have had no lasting success. Part of the reason the diet book industry is constantly booming is that a huge percentage of diets fail due to unsustainability and lack of

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  • christmas

    Christmas lunch; reduce the impact on your waistline!

    Planning to over-indulge on Christmas Day? We have all read the articles about how many calories we are likely to consume on Christmas Day and with the average Christmas lunch landing on our plate with a whopping approximate 1000 calories it is not surprising that many people gain weight at Christmas....

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  • AC1F2231

    Turn it down!

     Do you want to lose some weight this winter? If the answer is ‘yes’, then turn down your house radiator thermostat. You will not only save money and energy but will burn some extra calories too. Recent research suggests that even just mild exposure to colder temperatures activates...

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  • 30/10/2012

    Run on empty…

    One of the fastest ways to lose body fat is by exercising in a semi-fasted state. Get up in the morning and get out of the door. A short, sharp blast of aerobic activity is enough to enhance production of human growth hormone and trim off that abdominal fat.

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